NatureSpace 然也空间-建筑摄影是一家专业从事建筑、景观、室内摄影及视频拍摄的摄影事务所,由职业建筑景观摄影师、景观设计师贾然创立于2018年。






NatureSpace architectural photography is a photography agency specializing in architecture, landscape, interior photography and video shooting, founded in 2018 by Jia Ran, a professional architectural landscape photographer and landscape designer. 


As an influential creative photography agency in the industry, Naturespace adheres to the love of nature and the ultimate attitude towards images, focusing on the visual research of photography in the context of design disciplines, pursuing and expressing the reproduction of space and the sense of presence of images from the essence of space. 


Naturespace's team is passionate about creativity and craftsmanship in every shoot, and does not deliberately pursue curious compositions and angles, but hopes to convey our understanding of the project with calm compositions. Capturing the ingenious highlights of design and the wonderful light and shadow in the project are our advantages, and we hope to convey the humanistic plot with a sense of temperature by the simple language of photography, and express the respect for the spirit of the place with the real image atmosphere.
























After graduating from Huazhong Agricultural University with a degree in landscape architecture, he worked for Atelier Dreiseitl, a famous German landscape design firm. years of experience in landscape design and photography have built a philosophy of shooting rooted in nature and a keen awareness of design forms. He continues to lead the NatureSpace photography team, actively exploring the symbiotic relationship between cities, projects and people under the natural base.






Founder 、Presiding photographer,

Professional architectural photographer